Night-weaning Part 5

It’s been a little over a week now. And we had our first decent night! Jason slept from 7pm to 5am. He had pooped, which might have been what woke him up. At least that’s what I hope. Five in the morning is simply not an appropriate time to wake up for the day, is it?

The night before this one my lovely husband co-slept with Jason all night. My sweet little bear did not get to see mama or the boobs once. I don’t know if that helped. Or if maybe this delightful night was a natural consequence of sticking to the night-weaning. I do however (obviously) hope we will get more of these now.

One thing I am feeling apprehensive about, is Jason’s behavior during the day. He still wants to nurse non-stop. He will whine relentlessly until he gets his milk. Or whatever he wants at that time. And he is seriously testing our boundaries. If only I knew the night-weaning was the cause. It might be that. Or teething. His stuffy nose which might leave him feeling run-down. A wonder week? Or quite simply the start of toddler puberty, as we call it in Belgium. (I hate the pejorative term “terrible twos”.)

All I know is that my gentle parenting is very much being tested these days. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to apologize about yelling and losing my temper. Because of this I have decided to not let him nurse endlessly anymore during the day. It’s causing some resentment that I want to avoid. Thanks to my friend Susan, who is weaning her 21 month old alltogether, I am learning to be very clear about when exactly he will get his milk. Just saying “later” seems too vague and thus upsetting. After breakfast. Or when dad gets home. That Jason can deal with… A bit better.

I’m telling you, kids should indeed come with a manual. “This too shall pass” is my mantra these days. And “stay calm”, “figure out his needs and treat them as valuable”. It’s been a tough week!

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