Night-weaning Part 4

Doesn’t it always happen this way? Five days into night-weaning and Jason starts cutting his two year molars. Teething has never bothered him that much. But dang those molars!

All day long he runs up to me saying his teeth hurt, putting his finger in his mouth right where the molars are cutting. And, of course, he is nursing non-stop. Non-stop.

I understand it soothes the pain. I don’t mind too much. But when I have to listen to yet another meltdown, because he cannot nurse right that minute, I might meltdown myself.

The last two nights have been pretty awful too. Jason is back to waking up 2+ times per night. And without milk, it takes a while to get him back down. Last night, I went to him at 10:40pm. I don’t remember too much. At 1:30am he starts crying again. Last I knew he was snuggled up against my back. But the crying sounded so far off. After being utterly confused for a minute in my half-asleep, sleep-deprived state I finally realized he had climbed into the arm chair and was sleeping there. I have no idea why.

Maybe he would be happier in a toddler (smaller) bed? Maybe he was annoyed with having his milk so close, but not being allowed to drink it? Who knows. I just went and got his dad and slept in my own bed. But the hubby didn’t end up sleeping a lot. He said Jason kept whining and fussing all night. And then he was up for the day at 5:45…

As you can tell, I am feeling frustrated. There is the guilt of denying my child milk at night, when I know he really needs it now. But otherwise I would feel bad confusing him about whether or not he can nurse at night. I want to stick to my guns. And I want to help my sweet bear with his discomfort. Being a mama, it’s just never easy.

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