Night-weaning Part 3

Not a great night last night. The good news is that Jason didn’t wake-up until 3am and he cried only for a very short while. The bad news is that it took him about 2 hours to go back down.

I’m not sure why he had such a hard time falling asleep. Maybe he needed me to snuggle him again like last night. But I was so tired, I kept falling asleep. Until he prodded me, or called for mama, or pulled my hair.

After about an hour of that special kind of torture, I had to get out. I was about to lose my temper. I went back to my own bed. Jason whined on and off for a little bit. Sometimes he seemed to have fallen asleep. But then he would start up again. My husband then got up and snuggled with him. Which meant Jason slept wonderfully. And he didn’t sleep at all.

Jason did sleep until 7am this morning. I truly wonder what the next night will look like. If he continues to wake up an hour later every night, we will eventually end up with a child that finally sleeps through the night again. But I doubt it will be that straightforward. At least for now we are down to one wake-up a night. If only it would not last two hours!

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