Night-weaning Part 2

Second night of night-weaning. I expected it to be worse than the first one. I think I read or heard somewhere that when parents decide to let their children cry it out, the second night is always the worst.

But that is cry-it-out. Not what we are doing. I again gently reminded Jason several times during the day that he doesn’t get to drink mama milk at night anymore. And I allowed him to nurse as often as he wanted during the day. Which was definitely more than 3-4 times total. But not that much more.

He went down around 8pm again. After nursing and then latching off. We went to bed at 10pm, our usual time too. In the past, Jason would wake around 10pm for milk. Then 12 and several times after. Last night he only started fussing once! At 2pm he started half-crying, babbling something with “mama” and “daddy” in it.

I went to his room. He was in the middle of his bed, saying “mama, kaka”. I turned on his light to check his diaper. Which of course was poop-free. It just got Jason upset. He started signing and saying “sleep, sleep” frantically.

So I dragged our little bear to the top of the bed, which is when he decided to break my heart. Jason started rooting for the breast like a tiny newborn. All I could do was block the access with my arms and repeat that he would not get anymore milk at night.

This started off another bout of tears and him asking for milk. But it was blissfully short. After which he actually did snuggle up to me, gently stroking my hair and face, while I softly stroked his back with my thumb. All in all the whole thing took about 30 minutes again.

The little man did decide to wake for the day at 5:45am. A little early for my taste. So my husband went to him. And guess what? Jason was content eating a bagel and drinking water until it was time to wake me up.

I told my husband this morning that I could not believe how well and easy this night-weaning was going. He replied that I now jinxed it. We’ll see.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Night-weaning Part 2

  1. mevrouwfroeliesjes says:

    Our fingers are crossed. Go, J.

  2. EmilyM says:

    I agree. You jinxed it. haha

    I night weaned my son a couple months ago. He still asks for it if he wakes in the middle of the night. I just remind him, no more nursing at night.

    This morning I told him that we were only going to nurse first thing in the morning from now on. He cried and cried and told me he was angry at me. Then he insisted that he was a baby and needed “baby milk.” It’s tough. I feel for you. (My son is 28 months, btw).

    Good luck!

    • fusionmamma says:

      Nice to hear from someone else who went through it. Does he still wake up often or only here and there?

      • EmilyM says:

        Here and there. I was hoping to eliminate night wakings altogether, but that didn’t happen. For a long time he would wake up at his normal waking times saying he was hungry, so we gave him food. Then we had to wean him from that. It is a long process with a lot of crankiness coming from everyone in the house. 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with it. You’re going to need it.

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