No TV while eating, please!

The other day I realized something about myself again that will very much influence how I raise Jason. Growing up, when my parents were still alive (they died when I was 13 & 14), we used to have dinner at 7pm. Right when the evening news started. In Belgium back then, and even still now, the news is still taken very seriously. About 45 minutes of news at 7pm. Midday-news at 1pm. And late evening news re-runs. That’s it. No two hour news programming with almost nothing but fluff pieces like here.

So my father, mother, brother and I would sit down at the table, eat and watch the news. No talking allowed. That doesn’t sound bad, does it? We were watching something informative. Think again. Besides me not being able to psychologically cope with these sometimes frightening news items, this simple sitting down for dinner with the tv on, programmed me. Up until today, I cannot watch tv without eating. I kid you not. I definitely try. But without fault my mind starts wandering. “What’s in the fridge? What do I feel like? Hmm, chocolate? Ice cream?” And then I get hungry. Resistance seems to be futile. It’s quite ridiculous.

Luckily I am blessed with a great metabolism that can handle an unhealthy snack every evening without adding on pounds. But how much better would it not be to not have the Pavlov-response of tv = food. Some of my friends say their kids won’t eat without watching tv (or a show on their laptops). I understand. Like parent I do get anxious about my child eating enough. But realizing what watching tv, whilst eating will eventually lead to, I am happy that I never started the habit with Jason. Since he does not watch tv at all.

Just typing this out has made me hungry. What’s in the fridge?

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