Birthday present

Last week I got to sew for someone else’s son. I love sewing birthday presents. Even if things always seem to go wrong whenever I sew for anyone else than Jason.

My friend in Belgium has a son who just turned two. However, mailing packages to Belgium will cost you an arm and a leg – and the recipient has to pay taxes on the package too. Totally ridiculous.

So I decided to sew a long sleeve and mail it in a regular large envelope. Technically, this is not allowed. But it has worked every time. And instead of paying at least $25, I was able to mail it for about $4. And, even better, it took only a week to get there!

O, my friend’s son Liesje, my friend, loves the Danish brand Albababy and Lily Balou. I got her to give me some links to her favorite websites for kid’s clothing. I have to say that Belgian brands are so much cuter than American. What’s up with that?

So I borrowed my inspiration from both brands, mixed it with my favorite Tee for Two-pattern, et voilà:



I’m happy to say both O and Liesje loved it. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t find yellow rib knit at Joann’s, so I had to use interlock on the cuffs and neckband, which makes them less stretchy. As I said, my gifts never come out quite as perfect as I envisioned them. But Liesje is a seamstress herself, so I was comfortable knowing she would appreciate the effort that went into it. Which she did.

In the meantime I have been keeping up with sewing Jason’s wardrobe. A couple of weeks ago I noticed he had outgrown most of his t-shirts. Have I mentioned how much I love the Tee for Two-pattern? :

I have been experimenting with mixing the pattern up and hiding the raw edges. I think I like it better when they show.

And you might have noticed, I have gone appliqué-crazy. It’s definitely a learning process, but Jason doesn’t mind if his helicopter doesn’t look perfect.

Or his ant. Yes, my boy loves ants! I made it with googley eyes glued on first. Fully aware they might fall off very quickly. Which they did.

At first I decided it didn’t really need eyes then. But I feared that without it might look like a turd with feet. So I did my best to give it an eye and a mouth. I hate embroidering, so I used my machine. Hmm, not great looking … But again, just perfect in Jason’s eyes. Btw, you notice the wavy hemming? Jason woke up from his nap just as I was sewing the hems. That’s what rushing gets me. No-one notices when he is wearing it, so why bother with fixing it?

My big boy and his dogs. (Pembroke Welsh Corgis in case you are wondering.) They do grew up too fast. Especially Jason, who must be half sasquatch. So tall, but still so cuddly. My heart loves it, but my back … Not so much.

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