Hoodie fail

Ya can’t always win … I bought this pattern a couple of weeks ago. It took me a while to get started on it. Impatient as I am, printing out a pattern, then cutting out and taping together all the pattern pieces is not high on my list of favorite activities. But since the cold weather never lasts long in SoCal, I decided to get down to business.

It took me several naps and some frustration to finish this project. I ended up attaching the sleeves for the liner in my own much preferred way. I did not like sewing a sleeve to an already sewed up arm hole. Too much fiddling around. I prefer to leave the sleeve open, attach it and then sew the sleeve and side of the garment all in one go. If that makes sense.

I had a lot more curse moments. And then got a very disappointing result.

I cut out the 2T size pattern and it is too small. The sleeves and jacket are too short and the hood barely fits Jason’s head. What can I say. My 18 month old is huge. And apparently not all 2T’s fit him. I am not blaming the etsy seller. She did give a list of measurements that went along with her sizing chart. I was just too lazy to measure Jason.

At least I now know how to make a hood. And I will change the pattern to fit my gentle giant. Add a zipper instead of buttons. Maybe skip the super annoying liner. And streamline the body a bit. You live, you learn. Next up: Made-by-Rae’s skinny tee pattern!

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    I’m in love with this hoodie.

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