A couple of weeks ago my friend in Belgium posted a picture of her son on Facebook. He was wearing the cutest sweater ever. Sadly enough from a Danish company, Albababy. So even if I would have wanted to buy it, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been possible.

But as I am trying to make all of Jason’s clothes myself, I decided to give it a go. First I raided Joann’s for knits and ribbing, since they were all 30% off. Though I would love to find some striped knits too to make this sweater. I used the Tee for Two-pattern and then made some adjustments. It actually came together very nicely. And would have even been easy if I would not have left my brain somewhere else and ended up having to sew the same cuff three freakin’ times to get it right. Some (OK, a lot of) swearing was involved.

Here’s the result:

Part of the swearing was due to the green knit. It was very light and kept shifting. I definitely prefer interlock over jersey knits. And the ribbing is a bit too heavy compared to the lightweight jersey. But for my first try I really like it.

Jason looks darn cute in it too. The green and brown really bring out his hazel eyes. These days it is almost impossible to find him without his book with pictures of all kinds of vehicles. It does drive the hubby and me crazy to repeat bike (“fiets” in Dutch) over and over and over. But at the same time his obsession comes in handy at restaurants or to keep him on his little toilet.

I really like the retro look of this outfit.

And the pants? I made those a while ago with corduroy fabric from Joann’s and the vehicles knit fabric I bought on I used the Basic Pocket Pants-pattern from Growing Up, Sew Liberated. Sans pockets, though. It’s usually too time consuming to add those. But I cannot tell you how many pants I have made with this pattern. It fits big cloth diaper bums, so it is perfect for Jason.

I can’t wait to make some more Albaby-sweaters. I need to make the sleeves and the length on the body a bit shorter. And I need to use regular interlock. And maybe try adding piping around the shoulders. Ah, so many projects!

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