My goal this year

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I’d rather immediately change thing I’d like different. It just happened this idea came to me around the turn of the year. My goal this year is to sew all of Jason’s clothes.

Do not think I am a seamstress extraordinaire. Far from it. But I manage. I started sewing not even a whole year ago. And I love it. I have always been creative. The thing I love about sewing, is that my creations are out there for the whole world to see. On my 16 month old, mostly.

I still stay away from difficult projects. Due to lack of patience. There is a reason why I avoid pinning when I can. Due to time-constraints. Next to my adorable toddler, I babysit another 16 month old 4 days a week. So sewing only happens during their one nap. Which can be up to three hours. But sometimes turns into a pitiful 45 minute nap. Things around here need to be done quickly and efficiently.

So yes, please, no elaborate projects for me. But pants I can do. And shirts. Especially ever since discovering this pattern through this awesome blog. After some fiddling around and 4 tries I can sew up a tee in about an hour and a half. No pinning of course.

New Year’s resolution fresh in mind, I bought this organic knit on Spoonflower:

And with a grey knit I have laying around from Joann’s I made this:
Jason is just learning how to talk. And one of his first 20 words is “tuu-ta” – or firetruck. He loves all kinds of vehicles. Besides firetruck he knows how to say car in Dutch (we are raising him bilingual) and he signs airplane and helicopter. Such a boy.

Mama, we’re done. Put the lens cap back!

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